Chalk Ball 56g


Our chalk ball have the perfect size and balance of chalk and pressure. This Sierra chalk ball is developed together with our team of climbers. Our opinion as climbers and that of our team is very important to us.

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Our 56g Chalk Ball has the perfect size and balance of chalk and pressure.

It’s handmade by ourselves in our chalk manufacturing facilities in Barcelona.


  • Magnesium of 100% natural origin
  • Compact density
  • No additives
  • The muslin that wraps the magnesium powder is made of micro-perforated elastic lycra cotton.
  • 100% recyclable paper packaging with clip closure

Benefits of our magnesium ball:

  • A good choice for those who like to use chalk in powder form.
  • Contains exactly 56g of powdered Magnesium Carbonate, no more and no less than needed to create a compact but ideally sized ball.
  • The powdered magnesium contained inside the ball adheres to the skin in a long-lasting way, increasing its performance time.
  • No artificial additives, so that it affects your skin as little as possible.

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