Crunchy Chalk 200gr


Our chalk is entirely processed in Barcelona. Of Dolomitic origin, it is free of heavy materials. With the perfect granules for the highest demands and a perfect behavior.

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Our Crunchy Chalk comes in crunchy granules of different sizes. It has a perfect touch, with a behavior worthy of the highest demands.

We process it ourselves in our manufacturing facilities in Barcelona. Using our own processes and formulas, we transform the Magnesium Carbonate powder into this fabulous top quality Crunchy Magnesium.


  • 100% natural origin.
  • Magnesium granules of different sizes.
  • Compact density
  • Low moisture levels
  • No drying agents
  • No additives
  • Own formula
  • 100% recyclable paperbag with clip closure

It contains no more and no less than 200g of Cruncky Sierra Climbing Chalk.

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Weight 0,200 kg

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