Liquid Chalk 200ml SIERRA Flavor Strawberry


Our Inked Flavors Liquid Chalk without rosin have been specially created for fun indoor  limbing. Do you want to climb and have fun and feel in nature with the smells of nature … then  his is the fun option.


Our Flavor Strawberry liquid magnesium without rosin has been specially developed for indoor climbing.
We process it ourselves in our chalk manufacturing facilities in Barcelona, using our own processes and formula.

– Rosin free
– 75% alcohol
– Proprietary formula
– Easy cleaning of climbing holds
– 100% recyclable plastic bottle

Benefits of our rosin-free Sierra liquid chalk:
– Easily cleans holds and volumes thanks to its rosin-free formula.
– The perfect choice for indoor climbing
– Our formula offers an easy-to-spread texture that permeates the entire surface of your hands.
– Magnesium with no artificial additives, so it affects your skin as little as possible.

Each bottle contains no less than 200 ml of our Sierra Climbing Flavor Strawberry Liquid Chalk without Rosin.

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