Liquid Chalk 200ml SIERRA ROSIN


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Our Liquid Chalk WITH rosin is perfect for those who are looking for a liquid magnesium with an extra grip.

The rosin comes from the pine forests of Soria, where it is extracted the pine rosin that we dilute in our liquid magnesium formula.
We process it ourselves in our own facilities dedicated to the manufacture of chalk, in Barcelona, using our own processes and formula.

– With colophony of 100% natural origin.
– Own formula
– 100% recyclable plastic bottle

Benefits of our Liquid Chalk Sierra Rosin:
– The rosin present in this liquid chalk offers an extra grip.
– A good choice for those who are looking for maximum grip but enjoy chalk in liquid form.
– Perfect proportion of rosin to increase the grip but without leaving your hands too sticky.
– Contains exactly 200ml of Liquid Chalk Sierra Rosin, no more and no less.
– Our formula offers an easy-to-spread texture that permeates the entire surface of the hands.
– Magnesium with no artificial additives, so that it affects your skin as little as possible.

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